Annual General Meeting 2021-2022

21 August 2022, 1 min read

Annual General Meeting 2021-2022

Sharanu All,\ \ We are delighted to inform and invite you all for the "ANNUAL GENERAL\ MEETING 2021-22" on  Sunday, 21 August 2022 at 4 PM .\ Basava Samithi Brisbane is an incorporated organisation and we are\ legally bound to conduct AGM's every year and form a new\ committee.Nominations are invited for;\ 1. President\ 2.Secretary\ 3.Treasurer\ 4.Executive Committee Members\ Basavaraj Kanavalli has kindly agreed to be the Returning Officer\ for this AGM.\ Please send in your nominations to 

basavasamithibrisbane.bsoa@​ \ We are required to have a quorum for the meeting and request all to\ attend and be part of our small but wonderful group.\ Please find attached the constitution and Proxy form, send in your\ Proxy if you can't attend the AGM.\                                            ***AGENDA FOR THE AGM***\ 1.President's Speech\ 2.Treasurer's Report\ 3.Election of new committee\ 4.Refreshments\ \ WHEN: Sunday, 21 August 2022\ TIME:   4.00 pm\ \ WHERE: Garden city LIBRARY\                Garden City Shopping Centre,

               Upper Mt Gravatt, QLD

PS: Light refreshments, tea/coffee will be provided.