Lord basaveshwara
  • Born : 1131 A.D.,Bagevadi/Ingaleshwar
  • Died : 1196 A.D., Kudalasangama
  • Known as : Philosopher, Social Reformer
  • Famous Vachana : Kayakave Kailasa (Work is worship)
  • To provide spiritual and religious freedom
Lord basaveshwara
  • World's tallest Statue of Basavanna, 108 feet
  • Basavakalyan's history dates back to 3000 years
  • The centre of a great social and religious movement.
  • The rich will make temples for Shiva, What shall I, a poor man do?
  • My legs are pillars, the body the shrine, the head a cupola of gold.
Lord basaveshwara
  • Dr. B.D. Jatti founded Basava Samithi in the year 1964
  • Basavakalyan's history dates back to 3000 years
  • Objective of propagating the philosophy of Basaveshwara and his contemporaries.
  • Anubhava Mantapa was the first parliment in history of mankind
  • Lord Basava acted as the prime minister.
  • Listen, O lord of the meeting rivers, things standing shall fall, but the moving ever shall stay.

Message from President

||Om Shri Guru Basavalingaya Namaha|

As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic induced restrictions, the teachings of our beloved Guru Basava originating from the 12th Century Sharana Movement of India, have become even more relevant. These Vachana writings provide the much needed ray of hope that saves the people from the devastating effects the pandemic has had on their minds and lives. 

Guru Basava famously narrated in his Vachanas a simple way to live the earthly life with inner and outer cleanliness:

ಕಳಬೇಡ ,ಕೊಲಬೇಡ, ಹುಸಿಯ ನುಡಿಯಲು ಬೇಡ, ಮುನಿಯ ಬೇಡ ,ಅನ್ಯರಿಗೆ ಅಸಹ್ಯ ಪಡಬೇಡ, ತನ್ನ ಬಣ್ಣಿಸಬೇಡ ಇದಿರ ಹಳಿಯಲುಬೇಡ ಇದೇಅ೦ತರಂಗ ಶುದ್ಧಿ  ಇದೇ ಬಹಿರಂಗ  ಶುದ್ಧಿ ಇದೇ ನಮ್ಮ ಕೂಡಲಸಂಗಮದೇವನೊಲಿಸುವ ಪರಿ. 

These words in simple terms say that, in order to achieve inner and outer cleanliness in one's mind and relationships, one should not steal, kill, lie, not show wrath, nor have contempt for others, not boast own achievements, nor despise the adversaries. This is the only way to become eligible for Ishtadaiva Kudalasangama Deva's blessings.

Basava Samithi is built on the trust and values derived from Nija Bhakthi (truthful devotion) of Sharana Movement, through selfless work (Kayaka) and ego-free service (Dasoha). It comprises of diverse membership from all walks of life and of all denominations. Over the years, volunteer members of Basava Samithi have done selfless and enormous contribution to the society through various activities in promoting the  values, vision and mission which Guru Basava gave the Sharana Movement in 12th century.

As President elected for the year 2021-22, I look forward to engaging with the wider community in Queensland and larger society across Australia and beyond in continuing to serve the cause of social evolution following the path of Basava and all Sharanas who followed him.

Sharanu Sharanarthi

Sanjeev Hiremath

President-2021-22 - Basava Samithi , Australasia - Brisbane Branch Inc.

Current Management Committee 2021-22 is reconstituted effective from 22-12-2021 7pm AEST :

President: Mr. Sanjeev Hiremath 

Vice President: Mrs. Hema Tumkur

Secretary: Mr.Basavaraj Basapur

Treasurer: Mr.Sreenath Kodbal 

Members of the Management Committee

  1. Mrs.Sangeetha Hiremath
  2. Mrs.Roopa Hebbandi
  3. Mr.Basavaraj Kanavalli
  4. Mr.Kumaraswami Matapathi